Monday, December 31, 2018

Introducing Read Like a Pirate 2019!

Inspired by some major life changes, this blog is getting a makeover and shakeup for 2019. We're kicking things up a notch with a new collaborator, additional book review content, a Facebook discussion group, and for the first time ever we'll be adding actual, active content to this blog, too!

First off, we're introducing a reading challenge list for 2019. Read Like a Pirate 2019 offers 52 prompts for you to consider in selecting reading choices.

Conveniently, we've designed a printable version to use as a checklist.

How you use the list, though, will be up to you:
  • Do you want to read a book a week this year? Great, here are 52 prompts. 
  • Does that sound like a lot and you want fewer? Decide to read 26 books this year, or 12 books this year, or 3 books this year. Then pick and choose from the prompts.
  • Do you hate goal setting but really want to stretch your reading list? Great, pick some prompts and give something new a go.
  • Use the list in order, or shuffle it at will.
One of the things Trish pondered when creating the list was its flexibility - we're not here to make rigid, shameful rules you literally MUST follow.

Instead, use this list as a tool to rekindle your enjoyment of books. Read whatever you want, and love it. Only read nonfiction? Fine - you'll find you can twist most of these prompts and they'll still fit. Have you committed to only reading YA this year? Again, you'll find you can overlay this list to your constraints and still make it work.
Also, many of the prompts are a little vague. Feel free to spin them as you wish, because nobody really cares. But as a guide (and as a reason to post regularly), beginning January 2, 2019, Trish will create a series of weekly posts. She'll explain what she was thinking (which may be worth the price of admission), and she'll also make suggestions on titles to consider for the prompt. You're under no obligation to comply, however.
Please invite your friends, and use the hashtag #readlikeapirate2019 when posting on social media and join us on the Facebook group for discussion and support!

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Carol Lynn Kunnerup said...

THIS is a lovely list. I cannot wait to get started.