Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Miss O'Dell by Chris O'Dell with Katherine Ketcham

Subtitled: My Hard Days and Long Nights with the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved

While she's not famous, Chris O'Dell was always "near" fame. She hung out with famous people, became friends with famous people, was employed by famous people and sometimes slept with famous people. Essentially, she made a career out of making herself the "go-to-gal," being helpful to all the right people - first at Apple in London, next as a personal assistant to various music celebrities, and later as a tour manager for any number of 70's mega-bands.

Her story is interesting as a look at fame from the fringes. It's about how rock stars live their real lives, about their romances and friends, and about how one woman skated along the edges of so many of their lives. It's a pretty good book - and now I know why Clapton's autobiography seemed so emotionally disconnected (he really is that much of a jerk).

Funny side note: could she have made that subtitle longer? Only if she'd actually mentioned the famous people she slept with. Oh, wait, she did sleep with Dylan.

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