Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Radleys by Matt Haig

High school can be agony anyway, but the Radley kids are true weirdos with no friends: Clara's a militant animal-rights vegetarian, and Rowan's just awkward and strange. Neither of them is sure why things are always so hard for them ... until Clara's at the center of an accident at a field party.

Then, when the family curse is revealed to them, things become much clearer.

Also complicating matters are a couple currents of drama concerning the Radley adults: Peter's heretofore-unmentioned brother Will has arrived on their doorstep, Helen's acting stranger and more tense than usual, and the next-door neighbors are getting rather too close for comfort.

Overnight, everything has changed and nothing's quite right in the Radleys' previously very boring suburban home. Interesting indeed!

This was one of my favorite of recent vampire reads because it's well written, with a different twist on the mythology. The "abstainers handbook" excerpts that begin each chapter were hilarious, and I thought the Radley kids' coming to knowledge was very well done.

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