Thursday, January 5, 2012

12 Things to Do Before You Crash and Burn by James Proimos

"Hercules" Martino gets put on a kind of timeout - his mom sends him to Uncle Anthony in Baltimore for two weeks  - after he got up at his dad's funeral and says "He was an ass. My father was a complete and total ass."

Uncle Anthony's not real big on supervision or fun sightseeing activities, but he does give Herc an odd list of missions to accomplish. And while he in no way embraces the project, eventually the list provides Hercules with some insight along with a bit of adventure.

Clocking in at 121 pages (many only partially filled), this review is almost longer than the book. This is a super-short book, and it's good.

Herc bumbles his way into as many of the tasks as those he actually sets out to achieve, giving the mission a bit of a "destined" feel. Funny things happen, we learn bit-by-bit about the father-son relationship, and you're sad to see the story end so soon.

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