Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Young Fredle

by Cynthia Voigt

Can you relate to the life of a house mouse? You might initially think the answer is no. Then you'll realize you have gotten wrapped up in the lives of far more unlikely characters in the past.

Fredle is like the precocious child who asks a thousand questions. His curiosity leads him to the magnificent scent of a peppermint patty. Unfortunately, there is danger in consuming chocolate if you are a mouse. Soon, Fredle finds himself alone in a new world - outside. He has quite an adventure that involves raptors, raccoons, lawnmowers, and stars. Fredle must learn about trust and a whole new kind of safety as he builds unlikely friendships and skirts danger. It's a coming of age story for young readers that will engage the whole family.

The audio version was an Odyssey Honor title for 2012.

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