Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fifty shades of Grey

by E.L. James

Here we go.  Yes, this book is in our collection, and yes, I read it.  This is written as well as any other romance novel you might pluck from the paperback shelves.  The main difference being that readers of those books get to know something about both main characters. 
Perhaps Christian Grey seems flat to me because there are two more books in the series which can build upon his personality.  Ana Steele on the other hand, begins the book as a well-rounded character.  She has varied interests, and a willingness to take on life.  It's that last part that makes her likeable when she chooses to become Mr. Grey's newest plaything.  If she truly were mousy and submissive, I would never have been able to tolerate this story. 
This novel is in the range of average romance fiction regarding readability. It is sorely lacking in character development.  There is enough plot to keep the reader's interest because without it, the sex gets a bit pestiferous.


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Pestiferous kinky fuckery! Perfect term. I had to look it up and I love it!