Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brain on fire

by Susannah Cahalan

Cahalan writes an autobiographical account of her experience with an auto-immune disease that nearly caused her to spend a lifetime under constant psychiatric supervision.  At times the story is a eerie look into the vastly unknown world of neuroscience.  Cahalan recounts her weeks of catatonia and psychosis through family diaries and hospital videos.  Much of that time is completely lost to her own memory.  The discovery of her disease, and subsequent writings by her doctors and herself have allowed many more people to be diagnosed than ever before.  She admits that, most likely, she would not have gotten this diagnosis of salvation had the disease struck her just a few years earlier.

Cahalan was lucky to have a background in journalism before she was struck by her illness.  This allowed her a foothold into the dedication needed to research her own lost days.  Provocatively written, this saga will capture your heart as you champion Susannah towards health.  

The audio version is hauntingly read by Heather Henderson.

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