Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Sisters

by Susan Mallery

Picking up this book, a love story was expected.  In reality, it's about the power of friendship in difficult times.  Yes, these women do have their own romances, but as in life, there is much more.

Andi, Boston, and Deanna each feel broken in some way.

Andi: jilted at the altar.  She ran off to purchase a rundown house and launch her pediatric practice in a small town.

Boston: her six-month old baby died of a heart defect.

Deanna:  the world sees her as the evil queen.

While their homes are geographically as close as possible, Boston and Deanna's lives were equally diverse.  That is until Andi swooped in to purchase the only other home on the street.  One bond forms nearly instantly, while the others take a little push.  The story reminds me of Cathy Holton's Kudzu Debutantes novels with fewer catfights.

Although each woman is facing challenging circumstances, the deep friendships they form through their pain make me want to find more books in Mallery's Blackberry Island series. 

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