Friday, May 3, 2013

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow by Jonathan Goldstein

A funny, reflective goodbye to youth, this book's a year-long countdown to Goldstein's 40th birthday. He's not where he thought he'd be by age 40 - can he make the changes before then? No. The answer is no. And I'm not spoiling the book by saying that.

I came to really love some of Goldstein's friends and family, and I recognized some of his age-related angst. Society tends to judge a person's worth based on marriage, children, home and job - what if you've developed a life outside those normal constraints?

Despite its subject, it's not a particularly weighty book. Goldstein is a radio humorist, and his year-long observations range from literary insightfulness to frat boy absurdity. And honestly, that's a combination I adore.

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