Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three little words

by Susan Mallery

The town of Fool's Gold is still awash in romantic entanglements.  For those that remember the Hendrix Family, Ford is home from his stint as a Navy SEAL.  His ex-fiance's little sister, Isabel, is also back in town running the family bridal shop. 
While Isabel's once unrequited crush has long since passed, she and Ford do still seem to enjoy each others' company.  As can be expected, the rest of the Hendrix family is ready to see Ford and his brother, Kent settle down.  Grandchildren are always nice to have.  The bonus in this book is that we get to follow Kent through his foibles at wooing a war-hardened woman. 
Four people each set out with goals in mind.  Isabel has no intentions of staying in town long.  Two have spent so much time in war zones that they've never had an opportunity to try loving.  Then there is Kent; he's such a quintessential good guy that he might struggle with exciting the exotic Consuelo  long term. 
Depending on your mood, either Jo or Patience will be waiting with just your favorite treat when you settle into the latest Fool's Gold fantasy.


julie barrett said...

I love this series and just when I think I've read the best another one comes out and it's even better.
If anybody needs a $1 coupon off a paperback For Three Little Words, just released today, let me know.

Shari said...

Love the Fool's Gold series. Three Little words is no exception. The story of Isabel and Ford is wonderful. With the added romance of Conseulo and Kent make this one hot romance for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't love the Fool's Gold community? Hot guys, strong female characters, great characters who are hilarious!

Patsy T said...

It has been a great summer in Fools Gold and finishing up with Three little Words is the icing on the cake. Isabel and Ford discovering each other within the safety of their 'fake relationship' is priceless. And for me the 2 for 1 relationship just made my day. I love this book. Everyone should read it.

Lesley Lindsey said...

I loved Three Little Words! This summer's FG books have been the best yet!