Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Always on my mind

by Jill Shalvis

The people of Lucky Harbor are ready to watch another couple get lost in love.  Not only, that, they will happily write about it on any social media site they can find.

Leah is back in the town she couldn't leave fast enough.  Lucky for her there are a few great people making it a lot more happy this time around.  She's got great new friends you've seen in other Shalvis titles like Ali and Aubrey (I hear she's getting a story, too).  She's also got great old friends like Ben and Jack.

Yeah, Jack.  He was always the one she ran to when things got rough at home.  He was older, wilder, and just protective enough to be a perfect fit.  Too bad she panicked way back then.  Even when she was gone, he was her rock. That rock has grown up to be the town's hottest firefighter.

Now Jack's mom is battling illness, and Leah slips up with a little white lie.  Surely, she and Jack can pretend to be together if it will bring Dee some happiness.  Surprisingly, Jack goes along with the sham, and the citizens of Lucky Harbor get to watch real sparks fly in the made up relationship.

Shalvis has reunited her readers with a favorite community.  She threw in just enough suspense to keep this reader guessing as Jack tried to solve the string of arsons plaguing his hometown. 

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