Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Once in a lifetime

by Jill Shalvis

Shalvis is a contemporary author who can always be counted on for a story that will make you laugh more than you cry.  I'm a sap, though, so I always have a tear shimmering for a moment, too.  She's back in Lucky Harbor with two individuals readers have been getting to know in previous titles. Ben and Aubrey have known each other since high school, but there's always been a laundry list of reasons to keep apart.

Aubrey's got quite a reputation in Lucky Harbor.  As a teen, she was forever in mild trouble, and walked with a deep chip on her shoulder.  More recently, she quit her job after finding her boss was embezzling, and cheating on her with two other women.  In an effort to outrun Ben, she stumbles across an idea that making amends will give her what she's been missing.

Ben's back after several years of philanthropic work around the world.  He tells himself he was doing good, but everyone knows Lucky Harbor was a painful place after his wife's death.  Thanks to Aubrey's uncle, he takes on a job renovating her new business.  He knows he's on Aubrey's list, but he has no idea why.

These two bring a little heat to Lucky Harbor's winter, and entertain the locals along the way.  I still wish there was a real facebook page of the exploits Lucille and the other senior citizens use to trump one another.  Instead, we can all follow Ms. Shalvis on Facebook

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