Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Then Came You by Jill Shalvis

Shalvis' Animal Magnetism series is back.  Veterinary intern, Emily Stevens is prepared for the struggle of living in Idaho, of all places.  She's not, however, prepared for her only one-night stand to be her boss.

Dr. Wyatt Stone is sex on a stick in Emily's eyes.  She sees him as a temporarily attainable treat that must be resisted if she has any hope of living up to her life plan.  Dr. Stone appears to be ultra-laid back and cool.  He's got a smooth as whiskey voice that soothes the most skittish animal - or woman.  Under it all is also a determined alpha male whose heart has been broken one too many times.

Tag along with Shalvis' true to form witty banter as a fiercely independent woman tries to hold off a man willing to kill spiders for her.  It's the kind of book that makes the reader hold her breath in excitement to find out what happens next, only to finish with the thought, "I'm already done?!?" 


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