Monday, January 5, 2015

Return of the bad girl by Codi Gary

Even though she's been gone a long time, Caroline is still regarded as the town bad girl.  Most business owners are still wary of her, and she regularly faces open confrontations wherever she goes.  She's determined to start fresh and repair relationships.

She's got a great new apartment lined up and her plans are lining up.  Too bad the place was also promised to ex-con Gabe Moriarty.  Their reluctant compromise brings forth a smattering of sensational sparks.  It also shows enough of Gabe's character to melt anyone's jaded heart.

These two come with back stories that will make any tenderheart cry.  Luckily, they've both learned a lot about how strong they are.  The real trick is learning to lean on someone else for a change. 

Codi Gary's newest novel is filled with fiery outbursts and endearing moments.  It's sweet, sexy, and I'm pretty sure Gabe has stolen a piece of my heart.

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