Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Astrid looks forward to summer like any other kid.  She'll spend time with her best friend, and do all her favorite things.  That is until her mom comes up with the lastest "Evening of Cultural Entertainment" or ECE.  She finds a new interest when she attends her first roller derby with her mom and best friend.  Suddenly, all she can think about is learning how to do all those cool things.  She just knows she and Nicole (BFF) will have the best summer ever until Nicole admits she's more interested in ballet camp than derby camp.

Astrid soon finds herself lying to her mom, venturing home alone across busy roads, and covered in wicked bruises from all her attempts to learn to not only how to skate, but also speed, bumping, and the art of falling.  She makes a new friend, but soon learns she has to learn to share in the interests of others if she wants to keep them as friends.

By the end of summer, she'll have to decide how willing she is to not only try new things, but keep herself open to the ideas her friends present as well.

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