Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island by Dana Alison Levy

When the Fletchers land at their summer getaway, they discover the historic lighthouse next door is blocked off and inaccessible. Not only does that put a damper on their trip, but it sets in motion a mission: to save the lighthouse.

The Fletchers are modern kid lit's favorite diverse family, and in this book they experience a bit of prejudice and hold a few conversations about being brown in America. It's still appropriate for the age group and not overdone, but serves as a great supplementary storyline in a book full of personal interactions and developing feelings.

But the book's not weighed down with politics - there's also time for teaching cats to swim, fear of bees, acting inappropriately at a fancy dinner, kayaking, Shakespeare, soccer, girls, snakes and other critters.

This series is a WONDERFUL addition to the juvenile chapter book world.

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