Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Inspiration: less than 100 pages

Right away when we published the list of prompts, this one started generating questions. For this prompt, I want you to read something short: so short, in fact, that it has fewer than 100 pages. But something that's a stand-alone piece of writing, published on its own. Not part of a collection or anthology. Just a book that's not very long.

I went to the "new books" section of my library, pulled off books that were super skinny and checked the last page number. Then, if it was 100 or fewer, I read the description to see if I might enjoy it. That's how I found Fox 8 by George Saunders.

Something I noticed: lots of self-help or inspirational nonfiction are this short! Have you read any of Austin Kleon's books? All the heart eyes for his creative and art inspiration, and they fit this length.

Another approach is to look at juvenile literature. Read a picture book. Read a chapter book. Read a kids novel that's less than 100 pages. The options are ENDLESS in the kid's department!

  • I think everyone should read the pre-TV series Olivia books by Ian Falconer
  • I sometimes read the Peter H. Reynolds Creatrilogy books aloud to my adult art students
  • Dip a toe into juvenile nonfiction to learn the basics about something new without going overboard (philosophy, religion, crafts, an animal of choice)

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