Monday, June 27, 2011

Teeth: Vampire Tales edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

Nineteen short stories about vampires - how could I resist? This book brings together some huge names in fantasy fiction; some of the authors I've read, others were new to me. And overall, it's a stellar collection.

I'm always fascinated by different views of the same subject - and vampires is a topic ripe for review. Each author here takes their own approach to the mythology - some stay true to precedent, others take liberties with the mythology to put their own spin on the genre.

And the short story format - well, it's amazing how much a really great writer can squeeze into just a few pages; you really feel connected to these characters, and then you realize you've only known them a minute. Next thing you know, it's over.

There are some excellent set-ups here - stories that I'd love to see spun into larger works. Notably, the book's last story; "Why Light?" by Tanith Lee will haunt you long after the book's been closed. Nocturnal communities? Sun-born? I'm so there ...

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