Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

(I know - K blogged this same book earlier in the week. But I get my chance, too!)

Ranger. Mmmmm.
Oh. The book.

It's a pretty standard-fare, fluffy funny Stephanie Plum book. Our favorite cupcake has pissed off enough people (this week) that three people are actively trying to kill her. And she's conflicted about Ranger vs. Morelli (as if!) and that is further complicated by the sex-crazed "vordo" curse Grandma Bella put on her.

What else? Grandma Mazur is in prime form, Lulu's barely encased in spandex (yet also glorified on the side of a bus), and the bond office is working out of Mooner's van and the coffee shop since it got blown up in the last book.

If you love Evanovich books, you'll enjoy this one too. The storyline's fun, and the ending is appropriately vague to guarantee you'll stick around for Explosive Eighteen.

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