Monday, July 25, 2011


by Ellen Hopkins

First off, I love novels written in verse. The concept just leaves me in awe. One of the most provocative authors in this genre is currently Ellen Hopkins. Triangles is her first novel for adults and will be available this fall. This is the story of three women with intertwined lives. Holly has a marriage that most people would believe is ideal, but she's bored. Marissa's whole life has been strained since her child was born with special needs. Andrea is trying to be a good sister, friend, and mother while realizing that the man who best fits her vision of ideal is married to her best friend. If you pick this book up, be ready for a raw look into these women's lives. There is adultery on many fronts, death knocks upon a door, and some will face gay and lesbian issues in ways never expected. This is a gritty, clever, character driven read.

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