Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Born Wild

by Julie Ann Walker

Wild Bill Reichert will never forget the way things ended with his little sister's best friend.  There was nothing he could do as she married "the right kind" while he was "sometimes literally drowning in SEAL training".  He's also never forgotten how sweet Eve Edens always was: how unlike her the cruel ending always seemed.  Now he's the best shot she has at staying alive.

Eve has her own demons related to that finale twelve years past.  As hard as it will be to overcome them, she must.  After multiple attempts on her life, it seems her only chance is to stick close to the one black - ops guy who wants little to do with her.  Self-defense classes can only go so far.

Both Eve and Bill are determined to stay alive, and protect their hearts.  Lucky for them, Billy's self-proclaimed specialty is, "hot, slow, and just a little bit dirty."  Ms. Walker comes through with another rip roaring tale of the secretive lives of Black Knights, Inc and the, impossibly sweet, warriors that live within the compound. 

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