Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rumor has it

by Jill Shalvis

Get ready for a hot flash.  The sparks between Griffin and Kate were flying even during his sister's book (Rescue My Heart) which is an early title in the Animal Magnetism series. 

Grif's been medically discharged but would rather not mention that part as he returns for the wedding of his sister and best friend.  Kate's always had a huge crush on her best friend's big brother.  Of course, that means she and Adam are the only people tuned in to Grif enough to see his suffering. 

She's spent years caring for extended family while delaying the opportunity of a lifetime.  He once lit out of town like his tail was on fire.  Now she's got a chance at something great away from Sunshine, Idaho and he has finally returned to his roots. 

Although her self-confidence is often in question when he shows up, Kate knows what she wants: Griffin.  He knows two things: it's a bad idea and his sister will kill him if he touches Kate.  If you thought the sparks flew during that accidental topless Skype in the previous book, just wait until you see these two try to resist the pull in person.  All she wants is one night.  All he wants is to do what he sees as the right thing.

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