Wednesday, April 7, 2010

War Dances by Sherman Alexie

I was surprised: this time, Alexie is writing for adults, and in short story format. The book actually consists of poetry, Q&A, and stories in several forms - which was truthfully a bit discombobulating for me as an audiobook listener. Although it is ALWAYS a treat to hear Alexie narrate his own work.

As always, Sherman Alexie's writing in this volume is both funny and heartbreaking. I was especially captivated with "The Ballad of Paul Nonetheless." It's the tale of two people who meet in an airport. They'd never met before ... and actually didn't meet here either; it's a brief encounter without the pressure of conventionality. The scene moves quickly from sweet to a little scary, and then back to safety again. Later, it's heartrending as our narrator crumbles right before us.

I do love Alexie, and I will recommend this one. Just maybe on paper rather than audio.

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