Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A&R by Bill Flanagan

The recording industry is a world unto itself, and this novel was written by an insider. It shows - the book is funny and interesting as the main players stab everyone in the back and wheel-and-deal themselves into amazing situations.

Up-and-comer Jim Cantone is offered a new, fancy-shmancy job as the head of A&R at WorldWide Records. He's living the dream: making real money from loving rock and roll - proving everybody wrong. But is good-hearted Jim savvy enough to survive the train wreck that is music making?

I liked this book for what it wasn't: it's not a murder mystery, and isn't an allegorical tale. Many books about music tend to lean towards fantastic over-performance or apocalyptic prophecy, and this one doesn't do either. I loved that.

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