Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shoot the Moon by Billie Letts

In a small town, a big scandal never really dies, and that's certainly the case with the 1972 murder of Gaylene Harjo and the disappearance of her 10-month-old baby boy. Thirty years later, it's still a point of speculation and conversation in the small town of DeClare, Oklahoma.

So when a young California man shows up in town looking for his birth mother - Gaylene - and with a birth certificate and adoption records that say he's the missing Nicky Jack ... let's just say he's not the only one curious about what really happened way-back-when.

I read this book in a sitting: I was having a bad day, it's our library's book club selection this month, and it's a pretty captivating story. But it's pretty light and fluffy: I'm not sure exactly what the book club will find to dissect and discuss ... but we'll see!

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